Thursday, July 29, 2010


(gambar kenangan bersama kwn2 Q of Wilderness Langkawi sewaktu 10 days course)

i`m alone, i`m just alone
without no one here, I think about
what I’ve done
Time always move
Ticking without waiting for others
But I still remain the same

I walk in the middle of the night
Seeking for the star beautifully shine
There is nothing closer to me tight
I move on the way of mine

In front of me, two paths to choose
Either left or right, I just don’t wanna lost

But I know
I can face anything, by trusting my instinct

By trusting myself, I feel confidence
I can face anything, although the problem is too dense
From now on, I’ll keep walking on my own..

( wrote on 10days course @ langkawi 2007 )

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